AWOL Weekend

This weekend I have been completely MIA due to my beautiful friend Jo getting married, I was her bridesmaid and quite rightly so my weekend was taken up doing bridesmaid duties and thoroughly enjoying her amazing day that I was so lucky to be a part of. I had planned to schedule posts for Saturday and Sunday on Friday morning before I got picked up by Jo but I ended up so busy sorting everything for the kiddies for the weekend and packing my bits to take that I ran out of time.

The full length one is a bit blurry but it just gives you the idea of how I looked. The dresses were so so beautiful and we all looked stunning but no one looked as amazing as my lovely friend the gorgeous bride. I am so proud I was able and asked to play such a major important role in her special day and I hope I did enough to make her glad she chose me also. It was so clear for everyone to see the love that radiated between her and her groom and it was magical to be a part of and witness.
Here's to happy and loving future for them x

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