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Ok, so I have to admit I am a bit jealous of you all that attended. My husband James blogs over at Daddy Space (I know I kinda copied his name!) and he attended this year and asked me to come along for support on the journey etc as he was so nervous. I was happy to do this as my great Uncle and Aunt live in Hitchin and it was a fabulous opportunity to see them. But I am definitely going to be more organised next year (well this year) and if our parents are happy to watch our monkeys again then get organised and get in there for tickets early!

The information that he has managed to come away with from the different sessions is amazing and I am so green eyed. I am attempting to pick his brain without driving him insane (ha ha) in the hope that I can improve my blog as much as I can now and then hopefully make even more progress after attending in person. This is definitely the kind of thing I would of benefited from when I had my previous blog and it may just of encouraged me to forgo the precious sleep I was getting and persevere. Still I am back now and so excited for my little blog to see where I can take it and what I can learn from it and the things I can record to look back on.

But hopefully all going well I shall see all you lovely amazing bloggers there next year!!! Eeeek!

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