Bunk beds finally!

Well after a lot of hassle and stress we finally received the right size bunk beds on Monday. And as soon as James (my hubby) got home from work we started to assemble them. It took around two hours and that was with little helpers and a quick drop in visit from their Nanny to collect something which I think isn't too bad considering the size of the bunk beds. There was a lot of mess when assembling them and I have to admit although I helped James did most of the work! He's a lot better with a screwdriver and a drill than me. Obviously I could do it if I had to but..... yeah!

Once assembled the boys could not wait to climb onto their beds and I am so so pleased because they absolutely loved them and it was lovely to see them exploring and trying the beds out.
This last photo really sums up how they felt about their new bunk beds.... happy!!! I love them so much, such handsome boys with gorgeous smiles xxx
I would also say I would definitely recommend the bunk beds and the website/company they came from - www.bedroomworld.co.uk!!

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