Cake making!

The boys (husband and children) decided they would like a cake for after dinner. And really what better excuse is there to ignore the housework and bake with your babies?!

So after making sure we had the basic ingredients:
265g self raising flour
265g margarine or butter
265g Castor sugar
3 eggs
Vanilla extract

We decided that a basic cake wasn't enough and we headed to the shop for butter cream icing (I may envisage myself as super mum but there are some things I just can't master..... butter cream icing is one of them..... mine is awful) and SPRINKLES!!!!! They wanted a rainbow cake so multi coloured sprinkles were a must.

One of my best tips for baking with children is to pre-measure out the ingredients so you don't have to worry about doing it whilst they are eager to be mixing and making a mess. So armed with my little helpers we each took it in turns mixing the margarine and sugar together until it was smooth, then they mixed in an egg each one at a time. And then we folded the flour in with a metal spoon, before adding a few drops of the vanilla extract, normally we'd then add water slowly until it was a perfect dropping consistency but to our delight it already was :-) our next secret ingredient to a 'rainbow cake' is putting some sprinkles into the cake mix as the food colouring melts into the cake mixture as it bakes thus creating a 'rainbow cake'.

We poured the mixture into our lined and greased tins and then took turns in licking the spoon/bowl clear of cake mix whilst the cakes baked in the oven. Then we took a chair over to the sink and each took a turn at doing some of the washing up (I think my kitchen saw more water than the dishes!!)

Once it was ready, I took it from the oven and left it to cool before decoration began. Now mummy was a bit silly as I'd accidently put the icing in the fridge with the rest of my shopping so it didn't spread amazingly well and the boys broke their half of the cake whilst attempting to spread it (see bottom left picture ha ha).

Finally we 'sprinkled' the sprinkles all over the cake and ate! Yummy yummy!

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