Feeling Nervous

This is just a little post to follow on from yesterdays. I am really feeling a bit nervous about our upcoming trip and leaving my babies. I don't often stay anywhere without them and so this is very strange. And Charlie has nursery on Friday and so will be taken by my mum and picked up by her. Again very strange for me. I am so lucky that I am a stay at home mum as it is something I have always wanted to do (stay home once I had children). I absolutely love every minute I spend with them and so in a way as I won't be attending the actual event I feel like I shouldn't be going.

But I will enjoy a bit of me time, some quiet time where I might be able to enter a coffee shop, order a coffee and drink it whilst its still hot!! That would be a big achievement!! Anyway like I said today's post is just a small one to follow on from yesterdays as I have been worrying and feeling nervous. But I'm sure all will be fine. We leave first thing tomorrow morning so wish me luck!

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