Foundation 2014/2015

Oh my goodness!! Words can not describe how emotional I feel today. My baby, my tiny little baby boy is all grown and starting school in September! I've obviously always known this is when he would start etc but the reality really hit me today. I went for the new parent meeting at the primary school Charlie has got a place at. And I can't believe it, it's really here and he is going and it is so so close. My gorgeous boy will be away from me everyday growing and learning and doing everything that little boys are meant to.

I'm not ashamed to say my eyes welled up today, listening to the head teacher and then the foundation teacher talking about the transition and how to make it easiest on the children, how everything would happen. I am glad I didn't actually cry as I don't think my leaky eyes would of stopped. Literally can't get over how quickly time has gone. It's flown by.

We even got told which school team Charlie would be in as you can see above he has been allocated to Erme. He has two settling in afternoons the week after next and then two weeks at the beginning of the school term in September of half days before he is then in full time.
How did my tiny baby grow into such a big boy? He is super excited to go to 'big boy school' and I think i'm more worried than him! How has everyone else found the transition to school?

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