Hallway Decor

Am I the only one with a plain boring hallway?! Going up the stairs I used to have 5 picture frames spaced out evenly but when Harry was small he always tried to reach out and grab them, and one by one he successfully knocked them all off. Unfortunately they were glass and so broke.

At the moment I have 5 picture hooks instead and i'm so fed up of it. I have seen online this kind of design and I want to do something similar with the hallway. My problem is that the hall is wallpapered in a textured wallpaper (and too big a job to strip) so I am wondering whether it would look as good without the names and with the main statemant framed at the bottom of the stairs.

So far I have bought one clock as it was a bargain at £5 so if I do decide to do this I need to get some more clocks and I'd have 'In these moments time stoodstill' as the text as well. My hubby likes the idea as well but we are both not sure if it would look as good without the names inderneath the clocks. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if

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