Harry wants to be a big boy

My poor gorgeous boy Harry has been getting so upset recently. He is desperate to go to nursery or school, he asks me all the time. Especially on the nursery run where he asks constantly on the way there and back and even cries when I explain he has to be a little bit bigger yet and that it really won't be long until he can go.

Being told he has to get a bit bigger still is normally met with his favourite phrase at the moment of 'Harry wants to be a big boy mummy'. I feel so sad for my handsome little chap that he is getting so frustrated and sad at seemingly not being 'big enough' to go yet. I have tried showing him on the calendar and doing a bit of a countdown but with September being so far away when you look at it in days I don't think that made it much better at all for him.

I think to be honest he is just really ready for the next stage in his little life which is nursery and no matter how much I try and distract him not much will help until he starts but I would be interested to hear if anyone has had a similar experience and anything they found that helped? When September does come I am also slightly worried that as Charlie will be going to school everyday and Harry to nursery only two and a half days that Harry will be upset and wonder why he cannot go everyday. Hopefully this won't be the case but we shall see.

Harry also uses the phrase 'Harry wants to be a big boy' if he does anything naughty that he knows he shouldn't of done which is a little bit funny when he says it but it also shows me that he knows whatever he has done was wrong and he will apologise. He can be such a cheeky chappy with a very cute little smile. Harry can always make you smile with his little grin I just wish I could make him smile when I say he can go to nursery soon.

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