How to make food shopping fun instead of stressful

Okay so all parents know that going to the supermarket to buy your weekly shop can be a stressful affair with small children in tow.... they reach for everything they shouldn't, tell you they are bored, moan that they want to go home, ask for every single sweet treat they see. Generally its not the favourite activity of the week for most i'm guessing.

Well Charlie in particular absolutely loves to be my 'helper' and so my husband and I thought it would be a super cute idea to write a shopping list but to draw pictures of each food item and let the children colour it in prior to going to the shop (I had an adult copy of the shopping list too so that we didn't forget anything).


So we made the list consisting of each item that was needed, a picture and how many (for example we get 2 loafs of bread so bread had a '2' next to it). This kept shopping interesting and engaging for them as they kept a lookout for the items on their list and counted the correct amount into our trolley.

I have to admit that the food shop would have taken less time if we hadn't done this activity but it would also have been boring. It was definitely a fun free way to give shopping some excitement!

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