Kiddie Crafts-Wooden spoon puppets

Well I firstly have to admit I cheated a bit with this craft as I bought a box kit, however it would be super simple to do again just buying the bits myself and definitely one we will do again as they enjoyed it so much!

You make/colour in outfits and hair/hats in proportion to your wooden spoon and then cut them out you will need to leave an extra bit of cardboard at the top and bottom of your outfit if you'd like to be able to swap them around to prolong the fun- see the picture below to see how to do this.

Then stick on the hair/hat and either stick on a face or draw it on whichever you prefer, slide on the outfit and you are good to go! These were sooo quick to make that I think if you draw out the outfits/hair etc the night before and cut them out ready for your little ones then this would be a super, stress free and eaasy craft activity that any of you could do even if you didn't have much time to spare :-)

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