London trip this weekend

This weekend we are going to London as my husband James over at Daddy Space is attending the Brit Mums blogging event. Sadly i''m not going as I'm a very new blogger even though I have done it before but my husband is going and I am travelling up with him and staying overnight.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm going other than he asked me to as I won't have anything to do whilst he is attending the event (coffee shop and a good book I feel?). Even thought the trip is not for me I am feeling very stressed on the run up to this event. My husband is stressed and therefore getting stroppy with all of us. It's not fair on any of us but I do understand a little bit that with out recent car/insurance troubles that our life is quite stressful at this present moment. Equally I don't think getting stroppy and being mean will make any difference. Men!!!! Has anyone else got a grumpy husband that needs a kick up the bum or am I the only lucky one out here?

Anyway I went off on a bit of a rant there. I am currently list central trying to make sure that we take everything and that everything the children need is organised and ready for my mum who is coming to stay with them whilst we are away. On the Saturday James' parents are coming to pick Charlie up and take him to his swimming lesson and then picking the other two up and taking over. We are so so lucky to have parents that are willing to help us out as without them it wouldn't be possible.

I need to organise all the clothes, packing, housework, washing, change all the sheets in preparation for guests staying all whilst entertaining the kiddies... so much more goes into going away than people think when you have children. I am looking forward to going although worried I will be the odd one out not actually attending just being a tag along because my husband asked me. I'm fully prepared that I will probably spend most of the weekend on my own whilst he is off socialising/networking. Hopefully it will be a productive trip for him and we will both enjoy it.

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