Memoir for Charlie

Well what can I say to you my gorgeous boy, you are four years old now and such a character. You love to dance and be silly, always saying silly things followed by 'im just joking, was just a joke to make you laugh'. You love to run around and one of your favourite things at the moment is nanny and grandads 12ft pool in their garden. You are growing up so quickly and everyday I wonder where my tiny little baby has gone.

One of our favourite films at the moment is Frozen and we bought you all the soundtrack cd for the car and you absolutely love it. You sing the bits you know and mumble to the beat of any lines you don't know whilst having a little dance in your car seat and it brightens any rainy day to see you enjoying yourself so much.

You are also a little bit obsessed with green at the moment, your new water bottle had to be green, you like to use the green plate etc etc and most recently we bought you new shoes and let you each choose the ones you'd like and you immediately chose this green pair!

I can't believe you will start primary school in September, our house will be so quiet without you in the daytime's, already nursery days are the 'quiet days' but at least that's only half of the week at the moment. Some days I feel like saying no to the world and saying you will stay with me at home forever, and then I think of all positive skills and happiness you are gaining already from nursery and your friends there and I realise that I can't stop you from growing up, I can only remember every second and make it as special and as loving as it can possibly be x

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