Memoir for Harry

Three years old now my handsome Harry and if I ever call you my baby you always get cross and say 'I not a baby, I a big boy' and it really is the cutest thing ever. Sometimes I will purposefully say 'I love you baby' just to hear you say it.

You laugh at everything and are obsessed with bugs, you will spend hours following bugs, trying to pick them up and dragging anyone that will go with you to look at them. September is a busy month for all of us as you start nursery as well as Charlie going to school.

The excitement you have for starting nursery is so cute, you talk to the ladies that work there and always tell me your a big boy and so can you go.... well its not long now my handsome boy. Not long at all. You can be loud and fast always running and seemingly never stopping, but you also have moments where you give me cuddles and kisses and stroke my hair telling me you love me. Those moments I will treasure forever in my mind and my heart and never let them go x

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