Memoir for Olivia

My beautiful baby girl, how you light up my life with your adorable smile and you cheeky laugh. You are such a big girl, you say so so much and ask for things and string words together in little sentences (probably because you listen to your big brothers all day).

You can be a sensitive little soul, always the first to rush over to one of the boys if they have fallen over or had a bash, a cute little look of concern on your face. You are also the first to jump on top of them in a bundle on the floor...... not very ladylike ha ha.

You are a bit of a tom boy, loving nothing more than to play with your brothers play tools and trains. But you do love a good tea party and at the moment everything has to be pink clothing wise. You have three coats and if I don't pick the pink one off the peg you immediately start to cry and we recently got you new shoes where you were adamant you wanted the pink ones clutching them saying 'mine mine mummy'. Well my darling girl, they are yours. As am I, I will always be your mummy and you will always be my baby girl x

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