Morning Routine

What is every ones morning routine like with their little ones? I seem to spend so much time faffing over them and making sure they are perfect with shiny clean faces etc that I have hardly any time to get myself ready.

I nearly always try to have a shower the night before so that I can get up and shove clothes on but if I do have one in the morning I need to get up early and I end up with an audience of three nagging to go downstairs (and I shower quickly in and out in a few minutes!). So I James gets Olivia out of her cot for me when he goes to work so she runs into our room and climbs in for a cuddle, normally swiftly followed by Harry and finally Charlie (he takes after me and likes sleep ha ha). Then I get up and wash my face and brush my teeth then throw my clothes on and get the children's clothes for the day out (sometimes I do this the night before it depends). Then I will round up any washing to go downstairs whilst telling the boys to make their beds and open their curtains, then I will make my bed and do my curtains before we finally traipse downstairs for breakfast. I will make their breakfast and do any dishes and put the washing in the machine whilst they are eating. Then its teeth brushing/hands and face wiping time for the kiddos followed by a battle to get them out of PJ's and into clothes.

Once all this is done I will stick their PJ's in the wash and get the machine going, and move on to making packed lunches if needed. After making lunches I will hoover up the breakfast crumbs etc and then run upstairs and hopefully have a few minutes to pop some make up on my face and give my hair a brush ha ha. And then if it's a nursery day or we are going out in the morning it is normally time to leave.

I see these mums that look immaculately made up from the nail varnish on their toes to their perfectly made up faces and pristine hair and wonder am I missing some big secret on how to get ready with children!? Or am I just unpractised and slow at doing my hair and make up?

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