Olivia's nursery registration

Oh my goodness!! I can not believe my tiny little baby girl is big enough to need me to register her at our local nursery. The nursery Charlie currently attends (Harry will start in September when Charlie goes to school) is a Montessori nursery and is very popular in the area that we live in. When I dropped Charlie to nursery last week, the nursery manager asked if I knew where I would like Olivia to go once she was three and had her 15 funded hours and I of course said I wanted for her to attend the same one. The nursery managed then informed me they were fully booked up term wise until the end of the December term in 2015 and to get in fast as they were being booked for the January 2016 term which is when Olivia would start.

My beautiful baby girl is 18 months old and I am having to think about nursery even though I am a stay at home mummy?! My next dilemma was which hours I should choose for her. Whether she should do two and a half days as they boys have/will do or whether to put her in for all mornings. We chose two and half days for the boys so they would be in over some lunch times as they always seemed to pick at lunch and we thought this would encourage them but Olivia is fabulous at eating and so now I'm not sure.

If she does two and a half days I will have two full nursery days to have some me time, do the housework, food shopping etc without stressing about time keeping but we will have to pay £40 to register her and then £4 a week to cover the extra lunchtimes. If she does just mornings there would be no registration fee as she wouldn't go over the funded 15 hours and there would be no additional costs each week. It just means I would only have a few hours each morning so anything that would take longer would need to be done at the weekend as after fetching her I would then again have a few hours then need to collect the boys. I am finding it so so hard to decide which hours I would like her to do and I have no idea why. With both the boys I had such firm plans that going to nursery for a lunchtime would really help them with their lunch time habits that the decision wasn't a big one, however deciding for my little madam seems very difficult. I also know that on Mondays I literally feel like I am waiting all morning for the right time to collect Charlie.

Any tips/advice from mums/dads who have gone with either choice or both ?

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