Rubbish Week

Well this week has been utter pants!!! And I can't wait to start a fresh one, although I am hoping for a quiet relaxing weekend with my family as well.

Tuesday started brilliantly with my friend and her two beautiful children coming over to play/catch up but by the time they left I could feel a headache coming on which very quickly escalated into a migraine. I suffer from migraines and they always come on suddenly and very strongly so within an hour I felt like I couldn't open my eyes or even speak and was being sick. So sadly I made the decision to ring my husband and ask him to come home to watch our children so I could try and sleep it off. He was absolutely brilliant and came straight home from work and helped me to bed and took over.

Tuesday was sadly set to get worse for us though, my husband briefly woke me to let me know he was going to the shop and I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. The next thing I remember my phone ringing but it didn't quite wake me just disturbed me and after 10minutes or so I properly woke up and remembered my phone ringing so I checked and I had a missed call from my mother in law so I rang back (it was past 10pm so I was wondering what was wrong). Hubby had been driven into on a roundabout. He was fine but the car was probably a write off. So I instantly was wide awake panicked, worried and yet I couldn't go and check on him as he had the car and our three babies were asleep at home. So I rang my mum who came to sit with me to try and distract me (probably because I rang her in floods of tears). I absolutely hate situations where your told not to worry as a loved one is fine..... they are never fine, never okay not until I can see them with my own eyes and I know for sure they are. Finally my husband rang me and assured me he was ok just waiting for the police to finish and would be home, which thankfully stopped the tears but I was still very worried.

When he finally came home I was so relieved to see him, the car didn't matter in the slightest as long as he was ok. Which apart from back pain and a little neck pain, he is. This accident has just reminded me that no matter what highs or lows we have in life, if we have our family, nothing can truly hurt us. In that moment of time, all that mattered was my husbands safety. Making sure he was coming home to us, and in the end that's all that matters. It also served to remind me just how much I love him, how much he means to me and how much I need to make sure I appreciate every moment we have to spend together.

And as if that wasn't enough of a bad week.... yesterday I started putting the boys new bunk beds together to realise that the bunks were not 'single' as advertised, they actually seemed too small to be any size at all!!! So for now the boys are sleeping on their new mattresses on the floor. Luckily the bed company are being great and are collecting these bunks on Monday and delivering actual 'single size' bunk beds so all is not lost.

Here's to a better week next week.

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