Such a fun yet productive weekend!

This weekend has been brilliant. It started off with my friend Megan coming round on friday night for a catch up, the boys were still awake as they had a film night and they asked to play some games. So we went through the board games one by one (my poor friend getting dragged into playing bless her).

Saturday was amazing!!! Harry had his first swimming lesson!!! (I will write another post on this tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled)! Then we had to pop to tesco before going for a big family BBQ at James' parents house. Which even though it rained was great fun, the kiddies even got into the pool, it was seriously lots of fun. We stayed the night so that James and I could both have a drink and not worry about driving home, luckily they have fab spare bedrooms kitted out for us all :-)

Sunday morning we went straight from their house to the shop and bought some new water bottles for the kids then home and I emptied the kitchen cupboards to have a big de-clutter. I was in the middle of this when my dad came round with some lunch for the kiddies which was lovely. And then my fabulous in laws picked up hubby (and his broken motorbike) took him to b and q then helped him re-hang my lounge mirror. Then James put an extra shelf in my kitchen cupboard that t've been after for ages. He also made a background board for taking photos of things so the background is plain white. And generally we had a de-junk and blitzed the house. I am feeling so good for it nothing like a good clear out.

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