Top tips for messy play

Messy play is an absolute must with children, it's so good for their development and helps them to grow and mostly it's so much fun!! I have a few top tips to help it go smoothly with the minimum unnecessary mess and without them getting bored before you've started.

  • My first and probably most important tip is preperation, get absolutely everything ready that you can in advance and have it all laid out ready and waiting if you can. I find my monsters get so impatient if i'm busy getting it all ready and they want to be getting started.
  • Aprons and sleeves rolled up, and a washable table cloth (if it's warm you can even lay it all outside which is even better).
  • Have wet wipes or a damp flannel close by for wiping up as needed and when finished.
  • Have a sink full or soapy water/or bucket so you can just drop bits in to soak as and when they are finished with so the paint/glue doesn't dry on and get stuck.
  • And most importantly..... crafting with your children is fun!! Enjoy it :-)

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