What can I make with a cardboard box?

The answer is sooooo many things! Cars, houses, trains, boats, horses, spaceships..... the list is endless. We found ourselves with two fairly large boxes and so I thought it would be a fabulous idea to paint them as whatever the boys would like. Charlie decided he would like a rocket and Harry decided he would like a car.

So we prepared our boxes by sticking the lid down onto the insides for the car and cutting a door into the rocket. The the boys chose their colours (although they swapped in the middle ha). Since it was a hot day I decided painting outside on the grass would not only help the paint dry quicker but it would also save any mess in the house. Win win!!

The boys literally had so much fun doing this activity (Olivia was having a nap in bed). And it was so super quick and easy to do, with an apron each there was hardly any mess to clean up.

When the paint was dry I used a black marker to draw on headlights and controls etc. And we cut out circles from black card and blue tacked them on to be wheels. Hours of fun for so little money just a tiny bit of effort and some time :-)

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