Beauty Buys

Ok so I'm not beautiful or perfectly made up on a regular basis BUT I would love to feel more pretty and so I decided a good place to start would be my make up. For several years now I have stuck with powder foundation but the ones I buy tended not to give me a good all day coverage soooo I braved it and bought a liquid foundation at the weekend, and so far I love it.

I got the Revlon Colourstay in natural beige. I picked the colour by rubbing some from the tester pot on my face and then going to find my husband and asking him if I had any make up left on my face telling him i'd wiped it all off. He then studied my face and could find no colour change and told me it was all gone. Voila found the perfect shade. Ok so a little white lie but it was for the greater good of foundation so that makes it ok right?! I've found it really easy to apply to my face but a little annoying to get out of the glass bottle. But the overall effect definitely outways that negative for me.

Whilst I was make up buying I thought I would buy a lightweight primer to go underneath my foundation and hopefully make my complextion appear smoother. And I might have also bought my first lipstick!! I took a long time choosing the lipstick as I have only ever bought lipgloss before so this was a completely new territory for me. I decided to go for a Maybelline lipstick in the end as it wasn't too pricey so if I didn't like it, it wouldn't matter. The colour I chose was Pink Pearl which looked a lot darker on my hand than it does on my lips.... little lesson there for me! But luckily I still like the colour on my lips even though it's lighter. I am feeling so determined to feel better about myself and to feel prettier s watch this space!

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