Charlie's first afternoon at big boy school!

Well I have been nervous about this for weeks and week now. I have been talking to Charlie about his first afternoon at school and we have been counting down on the calendar so that he was prepared and knew when it was coming. And it seems this has really helped!

Charlie has been asking whether it was time to go or not for ages and so when I eventually was able to say yes he jumped up and grabbed his shoes and off we went. We arrived and Charlie greeted all of his nursery friends and was seemingly very excited and when they teacher came up to meet us all a few children started to cry and cling to parents. The teacher then asked who could line us in a straight line ready to go to the classroom and Charlie didn't say goodbye or anything just ran straight to join the line.

By this time a few more children had started to cry and the reception class teacher had asked extra for extra staff to help her take the clinging ones down to the classroom. Just as he was going through the door Charlie turnt slightly so he could see me, gave me a big thumbs up and a wave and then was off.

Just like that my baby boy is suddenly so grown up and such a big boy. Where has my baby gone? I was so super proud of him for being so grown up and I was pleased he was so excited! When I picked him up after the session at school he forgot to say hello he was so excited he just ran towards me and said 'It was great!!!!'

I took a few photo's of him by himself and a couple with me just before we walked up to the school just a little memory to treasure!

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