Christmas shopping

Well since we are now closer to this christmas than last years its time to get organised even if it is only just July. Time to start buying!! Well I have started i've got them a couple presents each so far and some stocking fillers so will hopefully get there in no time.

I am so so excited for christmas with all 3 of my babies being big enough to understand and love every second. We have booked the polar express already for December and we can't wait. I already want to start planning which PJs we will wear for the train ride and even which ones santa will leave for our munchins on christmas eve. Bursting with excitement doesn't even come close!

Christmas time has a certain magic to it and I think I am quite child like in my excitement as I do get a bit over the top. But I literally love christmas. I love everything-spending time with family, the decorations, the yummy food, the amazing presents.... absolutely everything!!
I normally start trying to convince hubby we should get the decorations out at the end of November but he generally refuses until December..... scrooge ha ha.

How is everyone else's shopping etc going?!

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