Haldon Forest Park

This weekend was a complete success for us. We have been meaning for a while to take a short trip to exeter to try out the bike tracks at Haldon forest park and this weekend we took the plunge. The boys absolutely loved riding their bikes around and we found a small track which was basically two circle tracks connected and we spent an hour just on that track with the boys on their bikes going round and round and Olivia even joined in she got pushed in her stroller around and loved every second.

There is a cafe there which we took advantage of and the food was beautiful! Although my poor Charlie ran into the handrail of the ramp that went up to the cafe...... twice.... and both times it literally flattened him like something out of a cartoon he was flat on his back. So he has a nice bump on his head, after the second time we put his helmet back on just in case!!!!

After our cycling trip we stopped in to visit family on the way home, James' grandparents and then his Uncle. All round a brilliant day, the kids loved it all even though Olivia got a bit overtired and grumpy towards the end.

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