Harrys first swimming lesson!

My mum works at the local sports centre as a receptionist at the weekends and she rang me just after 9am to say the swimming co-ordinator had spoken to her and said a little boys place hadn't been confirmed so if we wanted to bring Harrys stuff if he didn't come Harry could start! We decided not to tell Harry so he wouldn't be disapointed if he couldn't go but just as we had agreed this he came running in all excited...... Charlie had listened to me tell hubby and gone into the lounge to tell Harry. EEK! Which meant we were super nervous until it was confirmed Harry could indeed start today!

My gorgeous boy was so so happy, he has been waiting for so long for this. Asking all the time if he can have lessons and we always had to say soon when you've grown a little bit more. It's so exciting for him and I couldn't be prouder.

He has been put in a group with children much bigger and older than him until the end of this term. Poor boy looked so tiny against them and couldn't even touch his feet on the bottom of the pool. But as of September he will be in an earlier group with other 3 year olds who are at his level. I was just so proud to see him in the pool, he panicked a bit to begin with and didn't want to let go of the instructor, which I suppose is our fault as we always try to hold onto him if we go swimming as he can't touch the bottom even in the shallow end. But by the end of the lesson he had let go and was relaxing back against the woggle float without a care in the world. And it was truely lovely to see.

I'm so proud of all of my children and I can't wait to see how they progress and the new things they learn.

This is Harry waiting for his lesson time, his eyes look a little odd (oops) but he was so happy.

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