Lidl Bargains!!

We do our weekly shop at Lidl, we find that our local Lidl offers just as good quality for a fraction of the price and so it seems pointless to waste money.They always have a special offers/seasonal isle with different products and this week I was quite excited with my findings.

The face wipes, are three packs priced together at 99p!! They are deep cleansing wipes, 3 in 1 cleansing wipes and exfoliating wipes.The tall bottles are Macadamia oil extract shampoo and conditioner again priced at 99p each. I use Macadamia oil in my hair anyway but normally a tiny bottle costs me £12.95 so if they are good this will be amazing, I literally bought them this morning so I haven't yet tried them whilst writing this post. The slightly shorted bottle is a heat defence Argan oil spray priced at £1.49 and the small tub is an Argan oil hydrating hair mask priced again at £1.49 and I am super excited to try this out! The orange looking bottle is a recovery oil that is meant to help with stretch marks etc kind of a bio-oil i'm guessing that I thought I would try out.

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