Monsoon Ipad Case Review

When my husband bought me my Ipad he also bought me a monsoon Ipad case and I absolutely love it. Its cute, stylish and so functional!

This photo show you the design on the front which I absolutely love, its pretty yet simple and not overpowering. Completely me (the man did good)!

And here you can see it propped up which I find useful for using it/watching things on it sat down or lying down in bed. I don't need to keep my legs at an angle to be able to see.... always a plus!
This one shows the case open and as you can see there are 3 slightly raised panels for propping the screen up allowing you to choose an angle that suits whatever position you happen to be in.

But it also folds up compactly so that it is small and fits nicely into your hands! It cost my husband £40 from tesco but if you are looking for a beautiful, good quality item them it is worth every penny. I am terrible for buying cheap covers for things like phones and handheld devices and they get ruined so quickly. I'm so happy my husband decided I deserved a treat as I love it!

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