New shoes!!

Well for a change I spent some money on myself instead of my three monkeys and treated myself to some summer shoes. My last few pairs of dolly shoes/sandles all seemed to be fall apart at the same time and so I was left with boots to choose from! I do have a pair of converse but I wear leggings a lot and it just didn't look right. So lets show you my goodies........

I don't know if any of them are particularly stylish or 'in' at the moment. But I like them, I feel like they work with the kind of outfits I wear and they are comfy. They tick all the right boxes for me. I am yet to wear the white sneaker canvas type shoes but the other two have both been worn and I love them (although the dolly shoes did rub my feet but I think that was my fault for wearing them minus socks without wearing them in)!

Has anyone else got any fab shoes recently that tick all the boxes?!

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