This week has been a busy one. Charlie has had his two settling in sessions at 'big school' and has loved every second of it. He can't wait to start in September and was eager to go back everyday and a little disappointed he has to wait. Harry was completely heartbroken as we have been saying for ages when Charlie starts big boy school you can go to nursery..... we didn't consider the settling in days and Harry just didn't understand why he wasn't going to nursery... I felt like the worst mother ever, he was so upset bless him so we baked a cake and I tried to give him every ounce of my attention. We have also gone daily with our 'The Gibblets' Vlogs on youtube so I have been busy trying to record everything in the daytime. 

For the first time in a long time, I spoilt myself this week. My gran gave me some money with the stipulation that it had to be spent on me and not the children, as every penny we have, we spend on them and that's exactly how it should be. But she wanted me to treat myself and have a little r&r so I bought some new shoes and some new make up. And it was bliss. My lovely husband also bought me a lush bath bomb so I had a glorious soak in the tub and loved every second.
Overall apart from my poor darling Harrys upset at not going to nursery it has been a fabulous week. One of those weeks where you just feel so blessed just to have such a gorgeous amazing family and not one thing can bring you down!!

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