Top tips for de-cluttering

At the weekend as mentioned in my previous post we had a big de-clutter and so I thought I would bring you a few top tips.

  • Firstly tackle one area or room at a time! Don't empty every cupboard in the house, start with one and work your way round!
  • Know exactly what you want to be left stored in that cupboard - so cutlery only in the cutlery drawer or saucepans only in the saucepan cupboard.
  • Make a pile for things you want to keep but don't want to be kept in that place, you can decide where they can be stored or whether you need new storage at the end.
  • Have a bin/bin bag ready next to you so anything that is going in the bin can go straight in so you don't mix up piles of things and throw away the wrong thing etc.
  • Have your cleaning products at the ready, it's a great chance to wipe everything down as you go.
  • Make sure when putting things back in cupboards that everything is accessible and not just shoved in, put things back in neatly.
  • Prioritise things for cupboard space in easy reach and put things that aren't used as often in the higher cupboards.
  • Be ruthless don't hang on to things 'just in case I might need it one day' if you haven't used it in years chances are it can go in the bin.
  • And finally once everything is back together enjoy your newly organised blissful house! 

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