Butlins Break

I am so super excited to be bringing this post to you!!!!

My husband who blogs over at www.daddyspace.co.uk has been chosen as a Butlins Ambassador so we get to go on two breaks with them to review and share our experiences. I can not wait!! We didn't think we would be getting a break at all this year so this is super exciting for us. The boys are so so happy now we have told them and can't wait to go, obviously Olivia is a little young and doesn't understand but she is getting happy with their excitement.

We have (or I should say my husband has but I was eagerly leaning over his shoulder) sent off the email to apply for the first break for the date we would like. We have asked for Minehead for a 3 night weekend from Friday 5th September so very close to today!! But if we get it then it will be amazing.

Here's the link to the Minehead park if you fancy a nose

They have a fairground and an amazing looking splash water park! I literally can not wait, our family was due some good luck after the crappy start to this year with one thing and another. Can't get much better than this!

I'm interested to know if anyone has been before? Best bits? Any tips? Would love to hear your experiences!

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