Car Update!!

Many of you may know that back at the very beginning of June a lady drove into James whilst he was on a roundabout which meant our car was a complete right off by the insurers as she hadn't even breaked so caused a lot of damage. It has been a very very long summer with no car as to get most places except our local shops or town it is at least two buses, not ideal with 3 children under 5 when you are used to the convenience of a car!

Well I am so excited to say WE HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! It's so exciting to be able to drive places again and the kiddies were over the moon! It took a long time to get a new one as the lady that crashed into him was contesting liability (even though we had two witnesses confirming our innocence and her fault) still at least it is sorted now. And I couldn't be happier!

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