Harry starts nursery!

Wow. I can't believe i'm writing this!! Harry starts nursery today! Eek!! He is such a big boy now and so excited to go. I am worried that he will be a lot more emotional than Charlie was as he's a sensitive little soul and the smallest thing will upset him to the point he will cry. But I am also excited to see him bloom through nursery, which I know he will.

Harry has been waiting to start for a long time, as soon as Charlie started he wanted to know when he could start and we always said when Charlie starts school, well that time is now! So scary to think I will only have one gorgeous monkey at home for 2 and a half days a week. Where have my babies gone?! He was 3 in May so it's a few months after his 3rd birthday due to waiting for the next term to start but Harry can't wait.

I am writing this the night before so I will post an update later on in the week with some pictures and telling you all how it went!

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