Balancing blogging and vlogging!

Many of you may know that my husband and I a couple months ago started our own you tube channel but a family channel where we upload vlogs daily. You can check it out here if you haven't seen it:

I have so far struggled to find a balance that I am happy with  between blogging and vlogging and am still striving to rectify this. I spend all day filming all the cute little snippets and bits from our day and then sit with my husband while he edits in the evening and we have also made quite a list of vlogs we like to watch and so I am struggling to find enough time for everything that I love.

There is no chance of me giving up blogging as I love it, I will just take my time with posts and put no pressure on myself unless otherwise agreed. I want my posts to come across with depth, feeling and be informative and interesting and so rushing them out would be a mistake in my eyes.

Having said that I have a very exciting list of blog posts I will be bringing to you and I am so excited for each and every one of them :-)

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