How are the boys settling in to school and nursery?

So this post is just a little update on the boys and how they are getting on!

Since he is the oldest lets start with Charlie, he is settling into school quite nicely. He's enjoying the learning and the school atmosphere. He never seems to remember what he has done other than it was 'fun'. All of his year are entitled to free school lunches and so he has been them and has a little panic every morning in the playground when he asks me what he is having (they have a set rotating menu which they choose from at home and then relay their choice at morning register) but so far seems okay. There has been an issue with another child punching him :( which has made me so so sad but his teacher has been amazing throughout it all.

Harry seemed to love nursery to begin with he ran in no problem and always said it was 'great' but for the last week or so he has been saying he wants to stay home with me so I wonder if the novelty has worn off a bit?! And every day so far he has come out with a dirty face either lunch dried on or snot. I have had words with the staff and the manager as they were amazing with Charlie and I do think it's probably because Harry is a more independent child in that he will happily take himself off to some toys and play happily by himself but a dirty face is not acceptable!! So hopefully my talking to them should sort that out.

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