Ikea Bedroom Furniture

New bedroom furniture is something we have wanted for so long and never bought. But we went to ikea and bought lots! All flat packed (poor husband ha ha) but it was so exciting! We knew what we wanted as we had looked online but it was still fun looking around and making sure the choice we had chosen was the right one. We went just the two of us as it was a long drive to ikea, we live in Plymouth in Devon and had to drive to Cardiff in Wales to get the furniture we wanted as that was the one that had stock.

We have decided since assembling all the new furniture that we should in fact have bought a new wardrobe as well, as that's the only thing that doesn't match now. But we could only afford so much so that will have to be saved for and another trip.

I think my lovely husband didn't mind building the furniture too much! We bought two new bedside tables, two sets of four drawers, a new double desk and two desk chairs. We now have a his and hers desk and I love it!

In this picture you can see one bedside table and one set of drawers! We obviously have a second of each but since they look the same.... :)

And this is my favourite, our new workspace, to blog, vlog, chat and share!

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