My first It Works Body Wrap

So as you will know if you read my previous post you will know that I planned to try body wraps in a bid to help me change the way I feel about my body and hopefully improve my stomach. I have made a you tube video which you can find here:

But I will also share some before and after pictures, I wasn't expecting a miracle but I am hoping if I use them again (which I am tonight) that it will continue to improve.


And After:

As you can probably see from the photographs there isn't much difference if any at all, I had hoped there was and initially when I first unwrapped I felt that there was but from looking at these I have to admit there isn't really. Like I said I am hoping that with time and more wraps along with exercise and healthy eating and plenty of fluids that this will improve but time will tell.

Watch out for updates and thank you for reading :-)

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