Quiet lately.....

Okay so lately I've been a bit quiet and a few posts have been a little short. I'm not really sure why other than my husband has been home from work and the kids have been a bit hectic as they are bored approaching the end of the summer holidays.

I will be trying so hard from now on to keep posts regular and up to date!! I am going to start a weekly weight/confidence update on how I found each week with the challenges I've faced and hopefully some tasty meals I've enjoyed.

We are off to Butlins for the weekend on Friday and Charlie has his first day at school on Thursday which means I will miss this weeks slimming world weight loss club weigh in that I normally attend. I'm hoping this won't throw me off track too much.

I have also decided with the help of my lovely husband something that I wasn't sure if I was going to share with you all... I have decided I am going to give body wraps a go, a lady I know has started selling them after trying them herself and has had lovely results (here is the link to her facebook page). My body is definitely not what it was since having three children, I adore my beautiful children and I'm proud of my body for nurturing them and growing them so perfectly but I am not body confident.

When I was pregnant with Charlie my eldest I had really bad fluid retention but it all sat at the bottom of my bump and caused the bottom of my bump to be very tender and painful throughout, afterwards I was left with loose skin that just kind of hangs there. There is some fat as well but even though I am losing weight and the pouch is getting slimmer its not getting any shorter! Because of this I don't feel comfortable unless I am wearing leggings or high waisted jeans as otherwise I have a big overhang hanging out and these wraps have supposedly (as long as the pictures are true) helped other woman to reduce this.

If I could afford surgery then it would definitely be an option I would seriously consider as this is something that really effects me, 90% of my clothing is black as I find you can see the side lines of the overhang either side of my hips with lighter clothing and I am very lacking in confidence. However unless I win the lottery this is out! So I thought this would be worth a try instead.

This has taken a lot of guts and lots of changing of my mind (I might change my mind again and remove it in the not so distant future!) but this is my before pictures..... please be kind, I know it's by no means pretty or pleasant but I do have feelings! And I am going to be doing the 12 week, 12 wraps challenge, one wrap a week for 12 weeks. So fingers crossed at the end I will have a much improved picture to put up.

If any of you find this awful then I'm sorry, I really am but if it helps one other woman feel more at peace with her new body and less in the shadows of all the perfectly toned and smooth new 'yummy mummy' tummy's then I've done some good. Our bodies did the most amazing thing a woman's body can do, our beautiful babies just wanted to leave a lasting impression. And yes I'm not confident or comfortable with my stomach this way but I need to stop feeling like it's something that people will find disgusting and stop trying to hide from the world.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and the honesty in it. It was hard. Look out for wrap updates :-)

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