A shy mummys struggle to make friends

I recently posted a photograph of myself to our thegibblets instagram account saying that I wished I had more confidence so that I could make friends easier. I thought I would elaborate a little since a few of you said you felt the same.

This morning for instance I was slightly later getting to the playground (we are normally one of the first) and I recognised a few mums so I smiled at them in greeting and then looked down at my feet and walked over to the side and stood by myself. I then watched other mums come in and smile say hello and spark up a conversation. How I wish I was that confident?!

Personally I think I make a pretty okay friend, I'm always happy to help people, listen, offer advice, have a giggle and I think trust and being supportive is a big deal. But I struggle with making friends. I remember when I started secondary school and I was the only person from my school to go to this particular secondary school and I didn't speak to another person (only teachers to answer the register etc) for days until finally someone took pity on me and invited me to sit with them. I could easily have cried there and then out of gratitude I was beginning to think I was going to spend all those years on my own without anyone to talk to.

That's just one example of my being shy or unconfident however you'd like to put it but it's one that sticks with me even now. And I don't know about anyone else but I find I either don't say anything or I scramble my brain for anything to say and end up seeming weird or saying stupid things. It's crazy I get so nervous sometimes in new situations that I feel a bit sick.

Don't get me wrong I have friends, a few from school and a few I've made since then but even then especially the friends I've met since school I struggle. I struggle to be the one to initiate a conversation, suggest a meet up etc etc. And I've no idea why.

I also have to say I am so grateful and humbled that my amazing husband is not only my soul mate but my best friend too. He's the only person I feel like I can tell anything without a hint of shyness and he makes me feel confident when I'm with him because of how much I know he loves me.

So thank you to the greatest husband a girl could want..... and to anyone else that is shy.... your not alone x

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