Autumn/Fall Haul

Recently we decided to buy a few home decor pieces to decorate for Autumn/Fall so I thought I would bring you a post to show you the different items we purchased. You can also watch my video on my YouTube channel about this here:

Firstly we picked up this gorgeous handmade glass bowl. It has a swirl of purple which was perfect as I wanted it for our kitchen which is purple themed in decor.  I absolutely love this bowl and it has pride of place on the kitchen window sill.

I also picked up this put pourri from tesco and this was to go inside the glass bowl. I felt the pourri peices had an autumn/fall feel to them and they set the bowl off beautifully (as well as smelling lovely).

These tea light holders caught our eyes and we thought they were very seasonal and also pretty at the same time. With the slightly shabby chic edging they were the perfect things to update the candles we had on our mantle piece already and we chose the Yankee candles for their colour to go inside them.

I had been looking for something to go in our porch in the window for ages and nothing had really made an impression on me and then we found this gem in Tesco and for only £5!! What a bargain and it looks so good.

Last but by no means least is this absolutely stunning wicker candle holder!! I loved it at first sight and knew it was definitely something we were buying. However I felt it didn't look quite right with a candle in it and so I filled it with the leftover pot pourri and I am so pleased with the results!

Hope you enjoyed this post as I loved writing it.... and buying new decor items!

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