Ipad Review

A few months ago my husband bought me a mini Ipad so I thought I would do a quick review on my thoughts and feelings towards it.

I have found the Ipad to be amazing and very user friendly! It looks stylish and I literally am in love with it! We have both had samsung tabs before and I have to say hands down I would choose the Ipad. It is just everything I want in a handheld device.

Personally I prefer the design of apple apps compared to samsung anyway but it is so easy to use. All three children (even Olivia who isn't yet two) can navigate around and put a game on or the camera and takes some photos (normally 100's that I then have to delete ha ha).

The only thing that I have noticed is sometimes when you need to use a button close to the edge of the screen it's not quite as responsive as I would have liked/the rest of the screen. For example when watching YouTube videos if the screen is full screen and you want to skip through the video a bit, it sometimes takes several attempts before the screen responds and does what you want. Does that make sense? I hope so!

However I wonder if the edge is unresponsive sometimes because I have a case on it? I must admit I haven't tried it without to see.

Either way the Ipad is hands down my favourite device!

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