Kids Halloween Haul

Hello October..... we are fast approaching the end of you and so it is that time of year again.... HALLOWEEN!!! Since we are less than a week away from Halloween I thought I would share with you all the items we have at home ready to celebrate with our little ones.

First of all are the obligatory outfits!

This was Olivia's outfit which is from Tesco and cost only £6!! A complete bargain! I also picked her up a pair of Halloween tights for £1.50!

This is the outfit that both Charlie and Harry decided on and they were £10 each and also from Tesco.

Whilst in Tesco we also bought some Pumpkins! The two large Pumpkins were 2 for £3 and the little one was just £1!


We also decied this year that we would like to have a specific Halloween bowl for handing out treats to our trick of treaters! So we went to our nearest B and M and found this gem for £1.79 (I think i'm not 100% but it was definitely less than £2) a complete bargain I fully expected to spend at least £3 on a bowl.


We got given some of these webs which I believe were from a £1 Shop, they have glow in the dark spiders on them and we are hoping to arrange them in the porch so that we have a spooky effect.

This pack of two warning tapes also caught our eyes whilst shopping in tesco! We are really hoping the kiddies will have great fun decorating! 


Books are a big deal in our house, the children absolutely love them and so when we were in town and Waterstones had a 'Buy one get one half price' offer on their books we decided to get some Halloween/spooky themed gems! These first two were £4.99 each with the second one coming up as half price.

These two larger books were £6.99 but again we obviously got one for half price with the deal!

Last but not least we have these cute tubs which were an amazing 50p each at Tesco!

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween haul and the items in it! I have also made a YouTube video detailing and showing these items, it can be found here:

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