Matalan and Next wants for Olivia!

Okay winter is really setting in now and I was having a browse through a few clothing sites looking at bits for the kids as they really need new winter wardrobes now as it's getting cold ad last years obviously don't fit! (Very expensive with three little ones to clothe!)

So I thought I would just put together two collages of my favourites for Olivia! I so wish we had a money tree when I start looking to clothes for the kids. So many gorgeous things I'd love to buy for them but this year I think we will definitely be sticking to the necessities as we haven't had the best year with one thing and another.

Soooo here are a few of the items I have fallen in love with and think my gorgeous girl would love!

~ These are from Matalan ~

~ These are from Next ~

I think I definitely prefer the Navy coat from Next as it's very similar to the one Olivia had from Next last year and it was such lovely quality and it was beautifully comfy and warm and it was so practical but beautiful at the same time. I also love the dresses from Next and the bow jumper from Matalan is a favourite too!

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