Home Decor Wishlist!

This weekend I finally managed to rearrange out living room furniture the way I wanted it for ages!! I am so so excited to have our furniture in our new arrangement and so I decided to do some window shopping for furnishings online.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to buy lovely new furnishings at the moment so I thought I would do a blog post and share my ideas with you lovely people instead!

I love all of these cushions and would love to be able to buy lots of different ones like the above just all in neutral colours and spread them on the two sofas. At the moment we have two red and brown cushions on each sofa and although it gives a splash of colour, the sofas look a bit bare and not very exciting or inviting.

We have had the same lampshades since we moved in and they are just plain red and very boring but they were cheap at the time and when we moved into our house we were saving hard for baby things for Charlie and got what we could afford at the time. I absolutely adore the light shades below from Next Home range!! They are so pretty and I love them!

We have been discussing for a while how it would be lovely to have a table lamp on our unit in the front room so that when we sit together in the evening and are working on our blogs or vlog we could pop it on for a bit of extra light and some atmosphere and this matching lamp would be so inviting and atmospheric!

Whilst looking at the lights I also saw these matching cute fairy lights and thought how cute they would look across the mantle if we were to buy this range. It would bring it all together and be a lovely finishing touch!

Our front room can be quite dark as the sun hits the back on the house in the day time and so I think these light bright curtains would add a fresh, light to the room and give it a more cheerful and homely feel!

And last but not least a rug for our little sofa nook would be brilliant. James and I have been saying for about two years now we would love a cute rug but we've never really loved our colour scheme for the front room and therefore found it hard to find something we actually liked!!

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