Christmas Eve Box Essentials

A Christmas eve box is a festive treat that your children will love! We already do the elf on the shelf.... our elf is called Eddie! So for us our elf brings out christmas eve box and it is there waiting for them when they come down in the morning.

It's just a little extra something, something for them to get excited over and enjoy in the crazy excitable run up to the big day. The typical contents of our box will be as follows:

  • New PJ's
  • Christmas film
  • Hot chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Sweet treat of some kind
  • Christmas DVD
  • A festive colouring/activity book
You can obviously put whatever you like in your box, this is just what we typically put into ours. I haven't any photo's of the contents of our box as I also wrap each item and I've been ahead of the game and it's all wrapped! But I really hope this gives you an idea of the box and the fun that can be found in this little something extra that our family enjoys!

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