Polar Express Trip - Our Christmas Tradition

For the last few years we have tried different Santa trains at Christmas as we started to start a tradition of some kind with our children and this seemed like the perfect thing to do. Last year we discovered the Polar Express santa train and thought we would give it a try! It did not disappoint!! So much so that we booked for this year in June as soon as the tickets came out (it is very popular and the favorite dates sell out quickly).

We were all so excited to go on the Polar Express and we all (yes all my husband and myself included!) wear PJ's and onsies! It is so much fun to join in with and the kids love it. When you arrive at the station you park up and then make your way onto the station where the characters from the film are wandering around and interacting with all the passengers... it is so much fun!! Especially if you have any fans of the film like we do. 

Once you board the train and start moving you are served hot chocolate and a cookie whilst the chefs and conductor sing and dance! Again so much fun! The conductor comes round and punches holes in their golden tickets (the first initial of their name) and then the train drives past Santa's house and sleigh (there are elves dancing outside as well) and Santa boards the polar express. On the ride back to the station Santa see every child and talks to them and then presents them with a bell just like the bell in the film.

The whole journey through the characters interact with your children and your family and it just brings the story to life. This is definitely a Christmas tradition that I would recommend to any family with children!

Here is a few more photos from our trip!

 And not forgetting the tickets and the bell which our little ones have not put down!

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