2015 Goals

Happy New Year!!!!!

Welcome to 2015 guys and thank you for reading my blog! I thought I would bring you a happy new year post with a few goals I am setting myself for the year ahead. I don't want to say I have to achieve these things but they are things I would really love to achieve for myself.

So here goes:

  • Lose weight, ideally by the end of the year I would like to have lost at least 2 stone (3 would be preferable but I'm happy to take it slow and steady as long as its coming off (having three children one in three years really helped me pile on unwanted lbs!)
  • Post more regularly - I would like to post at least two posts a week but I would prefer 3/4
  • Carry on daily vlogging
  • Create more vlogs for my personal channel (if there's anything you'd like to see let me know guys!)
  • Enjoy time as a family every single day, even if we all just sit for half an hour and watch some tv I would like us to be all together as a family
  • Spend time with my husband whether its a date night or a night snuggled on the sofa
I could find more goals and more aims but I think I will stick with these for now and not pile on the pressure - some of these will be easy and some will take serious planning, time management and commitment :-)

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