Charlie's 5th Birthday Preperations!

Wow! My baby is going to be five years old?! Where on earth did that go?! Time has literally flown by! I can still remember how fed up I was feeling in this last week of pregnancy, how excited and nervous I was. I had so many worries over how good a mother I would be, what I would need to do to make sure my baby had the best start with everything.

It's such a special time awaiting your beautiful baby's arrival and every time one of my gorgeous children has a birthday I am sent straight back to those amazing moments of pregnancy and a new baby and my womb aches. What an incredible, magical thing that we can do-create new life from our love.

Anyway I've gone off topic slightly-my baby is five on the 12th January!!! Oh my goodness!!! Charlie requested a birthday party with a bouncy castle...... seems simple enough but non of our local children's play centres offer this so we had to hire out the local community centre and hire a bouncy castle from a local entertainer. This does mean we will have to do food ourselves but I'm hoping that if we go for non cooking options it will be easier for us (fingers crossed anyway guys!).

We went birthday present shopping for Charlie and we really had no idea until it suddenly clicked that 'Santa' brought him a small fire engine lego set for Christmas and he LOVES it! So we decided Lego was a good idea..... lego is mega expensive! Wow!! And as far as we could find in shops (online might be different but we don't have time as we've left it too late now) you can only buy specific sets not just the standard box of lego pieces like I had as a kid?! And they come in cardboard boxes so we will need to buy storage for it too! Crazy, anyway if you'd like to see what presents we bought for Charlie then keep an eye on my YouTube channel as I will be doing a present Haul this week at some point :-)

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