My 'before' pictures!

Oh cringe! I am being that person 'before' and 'after' pictures will be featured although 'after' will be in the future. I'm feeling super nervous putting full length photographs of myself on my blog where I'm not posing or breathing in! But I need a kick up the bottom..... I stopped attending Slimming World weekly groups at the beginning of December and although Christmas week only saw me putting on 1/2lb in total since the beginning of December I have put on 8&1/2lb...... totally not okay by me! I am gutted and it's completely my own fault which makes it even worse BUT this is my year.

I have been saying to my lovely husband that this year is going to be my year. We have decided we are going to follow Slimming World together at home but James would like to stick to brown rice etc rather than white as he finds it fills him up for longer. Anyway I am stalling so it takes you longer to reach the photos but here goes! Before........

Okay guys be kind! I had three kids in less than three years but I fear I've used that as an excuse to be overweight. I struggle with my stomach as the skin is so stretched and I have an awful overhang, I will never forget my first midwife check up at home after I had Charlie, I was only 19 years old and she asked to check how everything was going down so I laid down and lifted my top and exposed my stomach and I was so embarrassed but I asked her if my skin would go back with losing weight and toning and she very bluntly said 'No, it'll never go back you'll have saggy skin for life unless you have surgery' Looking back on it I wish I'd been confident enough to tell her how unhelpful and unkind that was as it killed my motivation and made me so miserable and I felt there was no hope. I have now realised that even if I am left with skin I will still feel better in myself if I lose the weight.
Anyway guys this my year and I hope to bring you regular photo updates along my journey :-)

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