Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials | Baby

So I am definitely NOT pregnant at the moment but I have had three children and obviously because of this I know what I found useful and what I would recommend taking with you. This list is purely items that I found helpful and would take again but it is totally a personal list and things may not be for everyone.
  • Clothing - this is obviously a biggy! I wouldn't take days worth of outfits, maybe one outfit as a 'coming home outfit' but mostly I would stick to sleep suits and vests. Sleep suits with feet and the in built hand covers (they fold over so there is no need for scratch mitts which quite frankly just fall off every 5 minutes and drive you crazyyyyy). Your baby will probably wee, poop and puke all over their clothes several times in those first few days so sleep suits were the most practical option for me. Baby hats should also come under this section :-)
  • Baby Blanket/teddy - If you want your child to have something personalised for them for example a teddy or a blanket you plan to put them to bed with each night I would bring that along. We bought our three children a comforter teddy each which they still take to bed every night now and I also took our own blankets in as I washed them and had them at home so they would smell like our home and that smell would be reassuring/familiar to our baby (that's what I hope anyway other wise that was a complete waste!)
  • Soothers/Dummy's -  If you plan to use a dummy or a soother then this would also be something you might like to pack. We offered all of our children a dummy as I was of the opinion that I could take a dummy away when we decided and I'd rather that than them suck thumbs which I couldn't take away. Only Charlie and Olivia liked dummy's, they sucked for comfort to go to sleep, Harry wasn't interested in the slightest.
  • Cotton wool for changing your newborn baby's delicate bottom is a must! We used cotton wool and boiled water when they were newborn as it is gentler on their skin.
  •  Hygiene - You may wish to take some toiletries along for your baby maybe some baby shampoo, a hair brush and even nail scissors as their little nails can be very sharp. You may not get a chance to use any of theses but if you have them then they are there if you want them.
  • Car Seat - This is needed for travelling home with baby so make sure you have a correctly fitting seat bought and waiting and bring it with you when you go to hospital in labour.
  • Coat/snowsuit - Depending on the season you will obviously need some kind of coat/jumper/snowsuit to take your baby outside in to get to the car. However current information does say you should remove such items to ensure that your baby's car seat straps fit correctly and protect your little one if anything should happen. this explains what I mean.
  • Nappies - take as many as you think you will need, then double it. Babies poop and pee constantly and I was changing my little ones constantly as I hated to think of them sat with even the tiniest wee against their little bums.
  • Baby socks - if you might be in for a while for example from a c section then take some baby socks, if you are still in hospital when your baby is due their heal prick test then put some extra socks on for a few hours behind warming their feet makes it easier (I was told this by my midwives with all three of my gorgeous bundles)
  • Bibs - feeding can be a bit messy, with dribbles and spit ups so I would recommend taking plenty of these, the soft fabric ones are the type I favoured but any would work.

Okay that's my list I hope this is helpful x

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